Celebrity Interviewer – Taking Risks & Asking Bold Questions Others Don’t Ask


I interview celebrities differently from others. Personally I can’t stand run-of-the-mill questions with my biggest pet hate falling on the ultimate cringe worthy question being ‘what are you wearing?’. Aside from a small handful of fashion savvy people, who cares? Dull, dull, dull. I do things differently.

I ask questions that people want to know the answers to and that others have dared to ask in the past. These sometimes revolve around sex, money, career highlights and lowlights. As every clip needs something to stand out I play risky games with talent, ranging from a Man Vs Food style hot wing challenge through to Russian Egg Roulette.

I create funny, engaging and unique interview content, which people want to share.

The Big Hitters

Below are stats from the top 5 interview videos on my YouTube channel.

  • Horrid Henry – 558,783 Views
  • Nina Conti – 266,199 combined views
  • Penn & Teller – 152,458 combined views
  • Sam Bailey – 101,412
  • Milton Jones – 91,342 combined views

All numbers are correct as of 11th July 2017.

Comedy Feed



Comedy Feed is a website which is run by my own production company Seriously Funny Productions. As such I have full control with what content on the site is featured and how long the content is featured for, enabling me to¬† maximise the audience reach for any interview that I do. You’ll find stats and demographics info for the site below.

Please note that using Comedy Feed is optional and I’m happy to interview exclusively for another publication as well.


Monthly Audience Reach



  • 16 – 24 32%
  • 25 – 34 59%
  • 35 – 50 6%
  • 50+ 3%





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