So there’s a lot I could tell you about myself, I’ve run several businesses and I’ve travelled all over the world as an events host. However as you’re on the comedy/presenting bit of my website I’ll focus on that.

I started in hospital radio in 2004 and soon moved across doing some community and local radio. In 2008 I started working as a Toastmaster and Event Host, my first ever event had me hosting alongside the amazing Annie Lennox for the charity called Love Is All We Need.

In 2010 I decided to branch out, moving into comedy and in the same year I created two pilots one for a sitcom called ‘Everything’s Wrong’ and the other was a sketch show called ‘Too Much?’. With only spending a few months on both scripts the projects were drastically underdeveloped and true to the title, everything was wrong with the sitcom script and the sketch show might as well been called Too Little. It was a very steep learning curve.

I took a step back from comedy and focused on freelance TV presenting throughout 2011, doing a lot of work for the likes of Fox, Warner and Universal. In 2012 I jumped back into comedy writing again, creating a sitcom script called ‘Celebs Ltd’. Before pitching I decided to cast the roles and had Chesney Hawkes audition, who would have played an exgerated version of himself as a PR rep in the show.

When Celebs Ltd didn’t get a commission I went to the drawing board once again and decided to focus on creating a much larger project, which I could raise money for and produce, In 2013 I embarked on creating a feature film called Time to Get A Husband. The script was completed in 2015, however due to complications with a co-writer (long story) the project was shelved and terms were only agreed in early 2017.

On the presenting side I hosted a show called Comedians Doing Stuff for two series, in 2014 and 2015, with 12 episodes being produced in total. In March 2016 Comedy Central gave me the green light for a TV pilot plus an online series, however the person I was dealing with changed jobs and the whole project unravelled at the seams.

In 2018 my plan is to produce a new sitcom pilot and push my YouTube channel to 10,000 subscribers.