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Most events take months of planning, yet they can fly by and end in a heartbeat. That’s why it’s so important to hire a compère who will present your event in the way that you want. Some compères let their egos run the show, making the event about them and ignoring the message you want to deliver.

That’s why I’ll go through a detailed consultation with you, getting completely clear on how you want me to be at your event. I can present in a range of styles ranging from funny, upbeat, comedic through to intentional and straight.

As my client my main aim is to give you exactly what you’re looking for, to exceed your expectations, while avoiding any unwanted surprises.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge?

I price every event individually, as no two events are the same. Please get in touch by clicking here and I’ll be happy to send you a quotation through.

What areas do you cover?

I’m based in the UK and I’ve been as far west as LA and as far East as Croatia. I’m happy to cover any event regardless of its location.

Do you issue a service contract to protect my terms?

Yes. Before you pay a deposit I’ll issue you with a full service contract through my production company.

What presentation styles can you do?

I can talk at length on a number of business subjects in a straight and intentional tone, on the flip side I can present in a light hearted, comedic and fun tone. My starting point is always looking at what my clients want and then creating my presentation in a way that will best suit their event and what they’re looking for.

Do you have a back-up plan if you can't make it on the day?

I’ve never had to cancel event due to being unable to make it. I keep myself in good health and I leave very early for every event. However I do have a back-up plan in case of a severe emergency, which involves contacting other event compères who can cater for last minute bookings.

How I Work

From my previous events company experience I appreciate that every event is different. A compère needs to take into consideration the tone, intention and outcome of your event and tailor his/her services accordingly.

If a compère gets this wrong your event can feel awkward, your audience could be uncomfortable or even worse it could have a negative impact on your company’s image and brand.

That’s why I go through a detailed thirty question consultation with every client, getting clear on exactly how you want me to be at your event and what you want me to cover. I make sure my clients get exactly what they’re looking for so I can not only meet but exceed their expectations.

Compère Background

I’m an experienced event compère who has hosted numerous events Worldwide since 2008, including award ceremonies, corporate presentations, charity events, on-stage debates and private events. I became an events host after I went to two different events.

The first was a serious business presentation but the compère treated the event like he was on Live At The Apollo and the second event was a light hearted charity auction, but the compère hosted it like it was a wake. Following this I decided to become a compère.

Aside from hosting my other interests range from comedy/TV presenting, motivational speaking, theatre, through to business. I’m currently the Director of a property company and a PR production company. I’m also a devoted father to my six year old daughter Scarlet.

If you’d like a free, no obligation consultation to see if I’d be a good fit for your event then feel free to contact me by clicking on the link below.


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